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Sell Your House Fast

Regardless of it’s condition or your situation

We buy houses in Washington DC fast, at any price. If you’re saying “I need to sell my house fast.” We’re ready to give you a fair all-cash offer today.

Need to sell your house fast but concerned you won’t find a buyer due to the condition? No worries! We offer cash for homes just like yours. Integrity Homebuyers can also help you to sell your home for a fair price and in as little as seven days. When we buy houses there are no commissions, fees or closing costs. What could be better!

It is time to stop wondering “who will buy my house?” make Integrity Homebuyers your resource for selling your house fast. We know that the idea of receiving cash for homes and closing in days may seem too good to be true, but it is in fact the way it should be for all home sellers.

  • We buy houses any condition (including water damage, fire damage or any other issues)
  • You will not have to clean, remove anything or make repairs
  • We will pay cash for your home and close in days
  • You’ll receive a fair offer in 24 hours or less

There is no need to wait months or longer to sell your home. We are the homebuyers you have been waiting for and have the experience to work with any situation. As a result, making the selling process quick and profitable for you. Above all, we strive to create a win/win situation with every transaction.

Don’t stress over the condition of your home. As experience home investors we have seen all types home damage. Hence would love to speak with you about your home.

When we buy houses for cash, Washington DC homeowners can rest assured that the process we use is a proven one. We only work with a reputable title companies to help you sell your house fast. They will also provide you with a complete title report, title insurance, and any other escrow service you may need. Furthermore, all contracts and documents are prepared in accordance to state law.

Integrity Homebuyers ensures you a hassle-free sale on your home, no matter the condition. When you contact us, we’ll give you a honest, no obligation cash offer on your house within hours.

Better Business Bureau rating for Integrity Homebuyers

“Treated me like family”

“Chris and Allen are the best in the business. Y’all really treated me like family and I thank y’all so much. God bless you both.”


— Diane, Washington, DC

How to Sell My House Fast
Washington DC

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Tell Us About Your House

Call us today at (800) 818-4145 or complete our simple online form. Your information will remain confidential.

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We Make You An Offer

We’ll schedule a visit to your property, research facts, determine it’s value and provide you a honest, no obligation cash offer.

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You Get Paid

We’ll close at a local, certified title company. You’ll quickly receive cash proceeds from the sale of your house after closing.


“These guys made what my family and I thought would be a stressful situation a wonderful outcome.”

“Overwhelming thank you to Chris and Allen for helping me in my time of need. These guys stepped up and did exactly what they said they would. Chris has guided me step by step throughout this entire probate process. These guys made what my family and I thought would be a stressful situation a wonderful outcome. Thank you again for all your help.”


— Jarvis, Washington, DC

Integrity Homebuyers Offers a Easier Way

If you are selling a house in Washington DC, chances are you have thought about following the traditional route. This is no surprise. Going the traditional route of hiring a realtor to list your home is how we have been conditioned to believe is the way to sell a house. Here is how that process normally works:

  • List your home with a realtor
  • Perform any repairs on your home that your realtor or a buyer asks for, or lower your asking price due to your home’s condition
  • Settle for a foreclosure or short sale when you cannot sell it directly
  • Pay for negotiation, commission, closing costs, other contingencies and hidden costs
  • Wait for months or even years for an offer, or wait endlessly because the offer you’ve been looking for never came.

Integrity Homebuyers provides an easier way

  • We buy your house exactly how it sits. We’ll never ask you to clean or make any repairs
  • We can buy your house within a matter of days
  • You will never pay any commission, fees or closing costs with us
  • We pay cash for your house. You will not have to wait months for qualified buyer
  • We’ll always make you a fair cash offer
  • We guarantee a stress-free sale from beginning to end

Picture receiving cash for your house and being out from your mortgage within a week.

Why follow the traditional route of selling your house when there is a much easier option? You don’t have to make any compromises or wait months to settle. Approach selling your home from a new angle. One that gives you peace of mind. At Integrity Homebuyers, we can show you a better way.

Ready to sell your house?

Helping You Sell Your House Fast without Hassle

We Buy Homes from Out of State Sellers

Our ability to buy homes for cash in Washington, DC is not affected by whether you live in or out of state. We buy homes from out of state sellers all the time, and are fully capable of completing a hassle-free sale from beginning to end.

If you are looking to sell your house fast, we can provide you a quick and easy solution. We offer cash for houses and always offer a fair price.

We are experienced cash home buyers who offer a simple and stress-free alternative to the traditional way of selling a home. Don’t wait months waiting for the right buyer. Integrity Homebuyers can help you sell your house within a week.

We buy homes in Washington, DC and surrounding counties. Regardless of your location, Integrity Homebuyers will provide you with a fair, quick and easy sale.

  • We offer out of state sellers a quick and easy solution
  • We guarantee a hassle-free sale, no matter your location
  • We’ll provide all necessary paperwork and legal documentation to notary of your choice
  • Just sign and collect your check

Selling your house while living out of state can be a breeze

Save Time and Money

We Can Help No Matter Your Situation

When we buy houses for cash in Washington, DC, we come across homeowners from all walks of life, with a variety of different circumstances. Our goal is not only to help you sell your house fast but also to help you arrive at a place you are happy with. For example, often we buy houses from homeowners who need more time before they move. When we pay cash for homes, we can allow a short term stay after settlement.

We are experienced home buyers and can provide creative solutions that address your specific needs.

We understand that the homeowners we buy homes from in Washington, DC have unique circumstances. Integrity Homebuyers wants you to know that the circumstances surrounding selling your house are workable and we have the experience to provide the solutions you need.

  • We can help you to sell your house fast and close on it in as little of seven days
  • We’ll provide you a honest cash offer to buy your home
  • We buy houses any condition. We are interested in all types of homes for sale
  • We’ll offer solutions including longer closings, the ability to remain in your home after settlement, and more

Integrity Homebuyers has years of experience in the Washington, DC real estate market. We have seen virtually every kind of situation surrounding selling a home. Our experience allows us to facilitate creative solutions that help our clients quickly receive cash for their homes. Take a few minutes to give us a call at (800) 818-4145, learn how you can quickly sell your house without hassle.

Hear the Stories of Sellers Like You

Sell Your House with Confidence

When we buy houses for cash in Washington, DC you can trust that the process we use is a proven one.

We only work with certified title companies to help you sell your house fast. Furthermore, all contracts are prepared in accordance to Washington, DC law. You’ll be provided with a complete title report, title insurance, and any other needed escrow services.

Those interested in receiving cash for their houses may not be aware of the services we offer. However, they should be. Not many home buyers in this market will give you a fair cash offer, or help you to close in as little as seven days.

Make Integrity Homebuyers your resource for selling your house fast. When we buy houses in Washington, DC, we offer a hassle-free alternative to traditional ways of selling.  Selling  your home does not have to be complicated and time consuming.

  • Our team offers a combined 20 years of experience
  • We always use reputable and certified title companies
  • All contracts are prepared in accordance with Washington, DC laws
  • We offer creative solutions to any circumstances the seller may need to address

You’ll walk away with a peace of mind after working with us.

Fair. Quick. Easy.

We Buy Houses Washington DC

We buy your house in any condition

No Repairs

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We close on your house fast

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Selling your house will not be a hassle

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