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Myths Associated with Selling a House without a Realtor

Posted by Retna Subramanian on August 20, 2017
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The general belief is that selling a house without a realtor is virtually impossible. Nothing could be more far from the truth. Unfortunately, there are a few myths associated with selling your house. Let’s look at some of them:

Myth 1 only a Realtor can sell your home selling a house

Some people will not consider looking at other options. For them, the realtor is the ‘be all and end all’ of selling properties. Even if the house stays in the market, they will continue to trust the realtor. Are the realtors really worth it? Are they sure the realtor will give 100% commitment to their property. What will they do when the Realtor doesn’t give the importance their property is due? The realtor may let the house sit on the market for months on end, and they might prompt you to sell the house for a very low price if you say you are in a hurry.

Would you want that to happen? Can you afford to let the house to stay on the market, while you pay all the dues? We guess not. The story is even worse when the market is slow. There is no guarantee when the house will be sold or whether it will be sold at all.

Dispel the myth: By entrusting the task to Integrity Homebuyers. This way you are selling a house without a realtor, but you can actually get your home sold in as little as 7 days. Yes, that’s right. You can sell your home faster to us because we understand your needs.

Myth 2 – You must not sell your home to an investor

There are lots of stories surrounding selling homes to home investors. One common belief is that home investors are looking to buy cheap properties, and they will try to lower the price by pointing out the negatives. There are also stories that investors buy the properties with the pure intent of flipping them and earning thousands of dollars as profit.

Dispel the myth: The fact is that home investors are saviors. They have helped a number of people by buying distressed as is properties. People, who are suffering through foreclosure, people in divorce settlements, going through hurried relocation process. Yes, Integrity Homebuyers buys houses any condition, do the repairs and then sell them off to buyers. But before buying properties, we explain to the seller the areas that need repairs and the cost estimate. Based on this, we will make an offer. Our work is transparent, and honest.

Myth 3 – You can sell your home on your own

If people are selling a house without a realtor, then they try to sell it on their own. It turns into a full-time job because you are doing the chores of the realtor as well. It might just work if you are trying to sell in a seller’s market, but in all other cases, the chances are very remote.

Dispel the myth – Save yourself the trouble. Focus on your family, moving or job; whichever needs most attention at the time. Integrity Homebuyers will do the rest.

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